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"The Lazy River Is Scary"
posted December 30, 2005 @12:02p
There's nothing like finding photos you forgot you took.

I love finding a roll of film or a disposable camera that hasn't been developed, especially if I have absolutely no idea where it came from...

Today I went with a friend to pick up some pictures she had developed, and there was a pack she didn't recognize. She was looking through them, saying, "what's this," "I don't remember this," stuff like that. So I decided to take a look and see what I could figure out.

They were mine.

Over the summer, I bought a disposable waterproof camera on sale. I had it in my car all season, always ready to jump all over a picture in the water. Nobody knows when they're gonna be underwater during a good photo op. It's best to always be prepared... I don't know how my friend got the camera, but I was happy to see the photos.

There's nothing like finding photos you forgot you took.

These pictures were a little different though; these pictures documented the most dangerous and death-defying trip I've ever been on.

I went tubing.

Yeah, I went tubing with some friends. I went tubing with some friends, and had to be rescued by the National Park Service.

It was great.

If you don't know what "tubing" is, it's much like the "lazy river" at most water parks, only in a natural setting in the mountains. Just for a moment, imagine having to be rescued from the lazy river.

It was great.

There were four people in our crew: two guys and two girls. I won't go into too many details about getting stuck, but I'll say the other guy in the group made it over the waterfall. The rest of us were lodged just behind the waterfall, clinging on to each other and a huge rock, doing our best not to die.

As I was looking through the pictures from the trip, I decided I'm probably the worst person to get stuck with in a dangerous situation. I am RARELY serious, and I crack jokes at the most inappropriate times.

Here's the situation: I'm stuck a few feet from a 9-foot waterfall with these two ladies. We were stuck for almost an hour, and I was seriously pretty certain I was gonna die. No joke. The water was getting deeper and stronger and colder, and I had my feet wedged into rocks at the bottom of the stream. Our teeth were chattering, and our muscles were turning to mush trying to keep from getting swept away and over the waterfall. We could see our other crew member in the distance with bloody ribs, trying to stop passers-by for help. There was a crowd. It wasn't a happy time.

But at the most hopeless point of our rescue, I'll give you an excerpt of our dialog:

Girl #1: "I don't know if I can make it! I'm getting really tired, I don't think I can hold on much longer."

Girl #2: "STAY STRONG! It's all in your mind. I know you can do it."

Me: "Is anybody else craving Subway?"

Like I said, inappropriate. And not only was I saying stupid stuff at the wrong time, but I was snapping pictures during each phase of the rescue.

There's nothing like finding photos you forgot you took.


You crack me up! That's exactly the reason I'm disliked by quite a few people too. It's good to know there's other warped, but silly, people in the world besides me.

posted by Kathy on 12/21/2007 @8:38:16 AM

Thanks. Silly is the only way for me...

posted by Jason Wells on 12/22/2007 @3:24:13 PM
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