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"Movin' It Up Here, Boss"
posted August 3, 2006 @12:35a
I know about Lucas Jackson.

"Maliciously destroying municipal property while under the influence... what was that?"

"Cutting the heads off of parking meters, cap'n."

That's right. I'm talking about Cool Hand Luke Jackson. He got two years.

My favorite scene in the movie has to be the poker game, where he earns his nickname...

After confidently raising the bet over and over, Luke's opponent finally folds. Everybody believes Luke has a winning hand - he HAD to have a winning hand to be betting like that.

But then Dragline turns over Luke's cards to reveal absolutely nothin'.

After his cards are shown, Dragline says to the other player, laughing, "...he beat you with nothin'. Just like today when he kept comin' back at me... with nothin'." He didn't have a pair of kings, or anything else, for that matter. He had nothin'.

And that's what I have. Nothin'.

Well... at least that's what I've been dealt. And at first glance from the outside, it looks pretty grim. But starting from scratch can have its advantages. It can be exciting, and the new people you encounter can change your life forever.

But... just like Luke, it looks like I spent all that time investing, but came out the same way I went in.

"Like I was just passing time, cap'n."

Anybody that knows anything about my personal life knows that right now I got some great material for that standard country song... or maybe even a lifetime movie. Tons of things changed, and they seem to have changed all at one time.

But to the handful of people who may be worrying - don't. I appreciate it greatly, but don't.

And to the few that actually stood behind me when nobody else would - thank you. Taking a stand for what's right always reaps rewards.

And last, but not least, to everyone reading this, thinking, "what's he talking about?" - you don't even wanna know. Pretend I'm talking about wild donkeys or marshmallows...

Mmm... marshmallows...

In the end, it's Luke's response to Dragline that makes that poker scene. And it's the same response that I have to everything that's gone down recently, as Iíve been handed a big ol' bag of nothin'.

Yeah, well... sometimes nothin' can be a real cool hand.


i like me some cool hand....

posted by Stephen on 8/3/2006 @7:49:49 AM

It really is a good movie, actually.

posted by Jason Wells on 8/7/2006 @5:53:03 AM
you know, sometimes you get your best hand on the NEXT deal.

posted by Michael on 8/3/2006 @9:50:42 AM

That's true... Unless you forget what the wilds are, and it turns out you have five of a kind. It happens.

posted by Jason Wells on 8/7/2006 @5:53:41 AM
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