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"Good Eye, Lady"
posted August 5, 2006 @1:17a
I'm sitting at a local business, waiting. It's been awhile; I've unknowingly kicked off my flip-flops, and have outstretched my legs in front of me and crossed them.

...My feet hurt pretty much constantly, and sometimes I do things to alleviate the pain without noticing. I also wear sandals or flip-flops daily to help, and the side effect is dirty feet...

So I'm sitting there, waiting, and a woman approaches me. She looks at me, looks at my feet, then looks back up at me.

"Your feet are black," she says.

"Yes," I answer.

She walks away.

All conversations should be that simple.


soo...since your feet are black, you could be fred flintstone.

posted by Anonymous on 8/5/2006 @8:29:28 AM

Well... my feet are shaped like his... I have no idea if his are black though.

posted by Jason Wells on 8/7/2006 @5:54:10 AM
mmmmmmm.... black feet... i hear from a reliable source that that is an insult in some cultures... so is telling some guy he is beeting his wife to hard, but that is just what i hear.

posted by Stephen on 8/7/2006 @5:46:38 AM

This is the best thing I've heard all day.

posted by Jason Wells on 8/7/2006 @5:54:30 AM
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