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"Comedy Central Special"
posted December 2, 2005 @8:45p
So I just finished filming a special for Comedy Central.

Sort of.

Before you start with your absolutely HILARIOUS David Spade comments, let me finish. There's been a wrong committed against me, and it's time to be settled.

So I just finished filming a special for Comedy Central. Henry Cho was in town doing stand-up, and Comedy Central came with him to film his act.

I have a friend who is a retired stand-up and a friend of Henry Cho; so after the show, he takes me down to meet him. Apparently after a filming, they keep the cameras rolling, following the comedian around.

As we walk up to him in the middle of all the cameras and lights, Henry Cho spotted my friend, greeted him and gave him a big hug. Then he turned to me and stuck his hand out, obviously wanting it shaken.

Now just about on a daily basis, somebody whom I've never met tells me I look like David Spade. In fact, even when I walk into the Chick-Fil-A that I frequent, I'm greeted as "Spade" by the people that work there. I get it constantly.

David Spade is a funny guy, I would LOVE to be told I'm as funny as David Spade. But to be told I LOOK like David Spade? That just doesn't seem like a good thing.

David Spade, if you're reading this, no offense. It just seems to me that there are probably better people to look like.

So anyway, I'm standing in front of Henry Cho and his hand is in the hand-shaking position. I decide it's time to introduce myself.

"Yeah, I'm David Spade."

People of the world, hear the response of someone who knows the real David Spade:

"You're not short enough."

So there.


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