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"On A Steel Horse I Ride"
posted March 2, 2006 @2:25a
You know what cracks me up?


You know what else cracks me up, besides snot?


And I don't know if it's just my life or not... Life is so full of tragedy and pain and mutiny and mayhem. But for me, all it takes is one little event to lighten things up. One tiny absurd happening can make everything funny for awhile...

I saw another celebrity today at my favorite sushi joint in LA. I was coming up the stairs; he saw me coming up, made eye contact, then did a double take, like he thought he knew me or something. Then he watched me walk by.

That's just the kind of ridiculous happening that can turn my day around. And the fact that it can turn my day around? Well that's just pretty hilarious, too. It's all pretty hilarious.

I just finished seeing Social Distortion in concert in their hometown. Even with Mike Ness in a cast, it was an amazing show. They kept me entertained, and I hung with a couple fun people: Vickee and Mo, who schooled me on Social D.

Apparently the guys in Social Distortion are big Johnny Cash fans. They ended with an energetic cover of "Ring Of Fire," and once they left the stage, the original Cash version was coming through the speakers.

...Johnny Cash may be following me...

Hey hold on... there's one more thing that cracks me up, besides life. And snot.


In line before the concert tonight, I overheard two guys talking behind me. One said to the other, "WHY would anybody wanna see BON JOVI in concert? He rides a steel horse. On a steel horse he rides."

In my opionion, the guy makes a strong case.


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