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"Weed & Taco Bell"
posted July 3, 2006 @11:34p
It's the middle of the night, and I'm sitting on my front porch. I've been growing a weed in front of my house now for weeks, and it looks like a small tree.

It's my most favorite weed ever. Ever.

I decided it was time to move on. There are bigger and better weeds out there, I just have to find them. The world is full of them.

I pulled it, and this is where the freakiness begins.

I sit back down on the porch to mourn the weed's passing, and, inexplicably, I begin to crave Taco Bell. I crave it so much, in fact, that I could actually SMELL it. Strongly.

MAN that's some strong craving.

But then I scratch my nose, and... all of the sudden, the scent of Taco Bell was ridiculously loud. It was like someone built a Taco Bell in my nose.

Puzzled, I walk around smelling the part of the yard nearest the porch. I come up with nothing. So I sit back down, scratch my nose again, and the same thing happens. Again.

I smell my hand, and it's saturated with Taco Bell smell.

The weed, my most favorite weed ever, smelled EXACTLY like Taco Bell. Freaked me out.


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