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"Plan B"
posted September 25, 2006 @2:15a
How many times must I be unable to get into my house before I come up with a good backup method? How many times must I arrive at my own home, only to find that I'm locked out, before I'm forced to come up with a better Plan B?

It's about 5am, and I locked myself out again tonight. Third time in a month.

Here's my current set of plans for getting into my house:

Plan A)
Use the garage door opener or front door key to gain access.

Plan B)
Use the garage door opener or front door key to gain access.

I'm still working on a Plan C, but right now it's pretty similar to the first two.

Oh but don't worry - I'm not a complete idiot; last time this happened (about a week and a half ago), I went to Home Depot and made five of copies of my front door key. I carefully placed them all in a little black bag. Then I tucked them away...

Inside my house.

Maybe Dr. Evil was right. Maybe I'm not capable of making good decisions on my own. Maybe I'm just too dumb to choose my own path... If I'm nodding off while driving in the middle of the night, and I feel that I should pull over and nap to prevent, say.... death - maybe I should let somebody else make that decision for me.

Until I decide who'll be making my decisions, I think I'll just get some sleep.

I think I'm dumb. Or maybe just happy.


I just locked myself out of my car when I went for an interview at Client Lodgic. I had to wait 40 mins it sucked

posted by James on 9/26/2006 @10:32:21 AM

Man. After an interview, nothing says you're cool like standing out in their parking lot for almost an hour. Sorry dude... Good luck, by the way.

posted by Jason Wells on 9/28/2006 @8:48:50 PM
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