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"I Love Golden Peanuts"
posted October 23, 2006 @9:53p
I don't work for the man.

Don't get me wrong - it's not like I've never worked before. I've dedicated years of my life to the man. I've invested lots of daytime hours, nighttime hours, and even time and energy outside of getting paid. But I've discovered that when you work for the man, your entire career is out of your control. Your pay and position may someday end up relying solely on the opinion of someone that doesn't even understand what you do or who you are. In the end, when you work for the man, you're just making other people lots of money. I don't know how long I can survive not working for the man, but I'll do everything in my power never to grace him with my presence ever again.

That being said, without the man to wake me up every morning, I have no one to motivate me but myself. I may be my own boss, but I'm not very good at telling people what to do. So more often than not, I let me do whatever I want.

Usually, the result is sleeping until noon and eating cookies and/or marshmallows (with or without toasting) for dinner.

So for the past few days, I've been making myself get up earlier and earlier, and spending time at an office of a business that a good friend of mine owns. I'm thinking that if I put myself in an environment where people are busy and creating, maybe I'll follow suit. And this good friend, Antonio Banderas, has been kind enough to let me conduct my experiment.

Today he had to ship a package, so I went with him to the UPS store. I've never really done much business-like stuff, so I figured I might learn a thing or two.

He had three boxes. One was in good shape, one was in bad shape, and the last was horrible, without even a lid. I carried the good box up to the counter. The dude behind the counter, Stephen, had us place the boxes on a scale so my friend could find out how much it would cost to ship.

Shipping was $35.

"Not bad," I thought. No way I'd charge only $35 to take a few boxes to the other side of the country.

Then another, manager-type guy popped out from a backroom, and offered to put all three boxes in one larger, nicer box. It sounded good to me, and Antonio agreed. So he went for it.

The manager placed Antonio's boxes in the big box, and used this amazing, magic tube that came out of the ceiling to fill the rest of the box with those styrofoam packing peanuts.

...By the way, I want one of those magic peanut dispensers...

When the box was over-stuffed with peanuts, he closed it, taped the top flaps, and brought the box over to the counter. Stephen verified the address with my friend, then rung him up at the register.

The total came to $65.

Antonio Banderas looked a bit puzzled... He asked, "I thought you said it was $35 to ship..."

Stephen replied,"that's right. The other charges are for... the packing preparation."

Antonio frowned, "packing preparation? So... I payed like $25 for... a box?"

Stephen's eyes lit up, and he looked as if he were about to smile. He answered, "well.... that... and the peanuts."

This answer made Antonio frown even more. I, on the otherhand, not having to pay the $25-dollar-packing-peanut charge, couldn't hold back my smile. In fact, I burst into laughter, right there in the store. As I was laughing, I said to Stephen, "oooohhhhh.... the PEANUTS! Then that's DEFINITELY worth it."

I laughed all the way to the car. Antonio never saw the humor of the situation.


Sometimes.....we are all paying for the nuts.

posted by Melissa on 10/23/2006 @10:42:45 PM

And sometimes, they're very expensive, exotic nuts...

posted by Jason Wells on 10/29/2006 @10:56:31 PM
Amen to Melissa's comment!!! I think we all have to do that.

posted by Tina on 10/24/2006 @5:45:49 AM

And most of us would rather not!

posted by Jason Wells on 10/29/2006 @10:56:49 PM
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