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"As Good As Kool-Aid. Almost."
posted June 1, 2007 @12:41a
This time it was a Virginia state trooper. "License and registration, please."

I already anticipated trouble on this trip: the only vehicle they had left at the rental car desk was a Mustang. A red Mustang. Long-haired hippie plus sports car usually equals trouble.

As I handed the officer my credentials, I decided to ask him for the reason I had been pulled over. "You were doing 84 in a 65."

Now I had passed the trooper, who had been parked invisibly between two dirt mounds in the median between the north- and southbound lanes, only about sixty seconds earlier. When I spotted his car, I immediately checked my speedometer, as always. With cruise control set and traveling in the right lane, I figured I was pretty safe at 68 mph. As I looked back up at the road, I was passed by two vehicles. The first, a red blur, passed me, crossed over three lanes, and immediately exited the freeway. Great move. The second, a charcoal Nissan Altima, blew by me in the left lane, pulled over in front of me in the right lane, then slowed down enough to prevent a vehicle from being able to get behind him. Another good move. Shortly after, I saw the blue lights in the rearview.

They were, of course, for me.

"You were doing 84 in a 65," the officer said.

I pursed my lips, shook my head and responded. "That wasn't me." As I spoke, I questioned whether I should have even been volunteering that information. Never before had any cop ever believed me, and, after all, I was in a red Mustang.

He looked at my license for a moment. He looked back up at my face, then delivered the strangest sentence any police officer has ever offered me. He looked me square in the eye and said, "I believe you."

"I believe you."

I never realized how refreshing it can be when somebody believes you, no questions asked.


Well, don't leave us hanging..did you get a ticket? Did you at least have your pants on? In life, it's always best to be around those that believe you. And believe in you. Period.

posted by Melissa on 6/3/2007 @6:48:03 PM

I did not. To my surprise, he let me go. I think part of the reason was attributed to the fact that I did have pants on.

I think that's very good advice.

posted by Jason Wells on 6/18/2007 @3:11:17 PM
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