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"I Love Donkey"
posted October 23, 2005 @9:09p
Donkey. For years I've loved that word. I think I'll say it again... Donkey. I shall now use it in a sentence: I was once chased by a pack of wild donkeys in the jungle on a tropical island during a hurricane. Donkey. That's actually a true story, by the way, but not the one I'm about to tell. No, this story contains valuable information that may change the course of your future. Read further for complete details.


So I saw Robinella & The CC String Band tonight at Barley's in downtown Knoxville. I love her voice, and she's got some really talented musicians in her band. Good show.

I was enjoying the music when someone across the table said, "let me show you a picture of my dad's new donkey." Donkey... Donkey? Surely I heard that wrong. I was like, "um... did you just say DONKEY?" Then she showed me the picture.

Sure enough, it WAS a donkey. A baby donkey.

"Donkeys are a good investment. You can buy a donkey for like... 50 bucks; then sell it for like.... more. Like $250."

I didn't know that.



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