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"The Year Was 1989"
posted November 19, 2007 @11:32a
The year was 1989. The southern part of the country was on the tail-end of the general population's acceptance of the mullet, the Super Nintendo was on the brink of its release, and I had just begun my high school career. On the surface, everything was looking up, and life appeared to be perfect; but it was just shy of that title. And the reason life was imperfect - that one thing in my life that just wasn't right - had a name.

He was called The Doreman.

Now let me be clear: I had no problem with The Doreman. Not one. I had only met him a few days before, and, from what I could gather, he was a great guy. A great, likeable dude. No, I had no problem with The Doreman. But... he had one with me.

He didn't like me.

We all know it's a scientific fact that each of us will never be able to fully understand who we are from the perspective of others. Even if we ask, "do you like me?" or "what do you think about me?"... we never truly know what we look like through the eyes of others.

That being said, during the years between 1975 and 1989, I had no known enemies. In fact, at the risk of sounding a little arrogant, I don't know of anybody at all that didn't really like me. I'm sure that's not a difficult feat at the age of fourteen, but I just want to be clear: in 1989, I was well-liked.

So you can imagine how foreign it was for me to hear the news that The Doreman, whom I barely even knew, didn't like me.

Well... turns out that whatever his reason, he wasn't able to uphold his feeling for long. Within the month, I was invited to his house multiple times. We traded baseball cards, and he introduced me to a side of Kiss that I'd never heard. Once he got to know me, we became great friends. I don't get to talk to The Doreman much these days, but he's still on my list of favorite people ever.

Happy Thanksgiving, Doreman.

Vin Diesel - you, too.

I may not be privy to knowing much, but I do know this fact: it truly is impossible to dislike someone you don't even know.

During the next four years of high school, I would hear a rumor of a guy or two, somebody that didn't know me very well, that had some sort of problem with me. I'm sure, seeing as how I've gotten louder and goofier with each passing year, it was probably something I caused. But the differences between those guys and I were all worked out so quickly, I doubt any of the details can be remembered. And for years and years after high school, I was able to maintain my status as a likeable guy.

Until recently.

Since 2005, I have an enemy. In fact, I have a whole list of enemies. My likeable record between 1993 and year-before-last was a good run and all, but... it's not enough to erase the team of haters I have now.

I have become unlikeable.

And I'm not used to having a whole basketball team's worth of people hating me; so, at least in the beginning, I've had a hard time dealing.

There is a basic desire in everyone, or at least almost all of us, to be liked. By everyone. Deep down, we all want every person we meet to like us. And just like The Doreman situation, once I heard that I was disliked, I started by offering up the chance to get to know me, so that I could be liked.

But that was a long, long time ago. Since so much time has passed, and since none of the haters even has the slightest interest in getting to know me (except for the remote possibility of one person-who-must-not-be-named), I've gotten over the wanting-everybody-to-like-me thing.

So... I've received an invitation to a place where a large portion of jason-haters are gathering. Normally, I wouldn't be interested. I have a tendency to speak my mind, and that's never good for a gathering. But four people, all being of non-jason-hating descent, have asked me to attend.

We'll see...


Good luck with your situation, friend.

posted by Christian on 11/19/2007 @7:21:24 PM

Thanks man. It didn't so much "work out," as you might put it, but I appreciate it.

posted by Jason Wells on 11/26/2007 @7:33:51 AM
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