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"An Answer to an Important Question"
posted December 11, 2007 @3:37p
Today, I went to a mall. Not only did I visit, but I fully participated. I browsed, I purchased, and I even sat down on a bench and enjoyed a fresh, delicious five-dollar pretzel.

But as I flowed my way to the exit, caught up in that big stream of hustle and bustle, I saw something that abruptly stopped me in my tracks. A wave of old feelings and fears came over me, and I had to ask myself a question.

I had walked by many stores during my visit, most of them pretty uninteresting. There were a few new ones, including a Pottery Barn, an Apple Store and Lucky Brand Jeans. But there was one - one small, unassuming shop - that furrowed my brow.

This shop was not very big. In fact, it only occupied one of those small kiosks in the middle of the walkway. But it's a landmark, and I'm sure most everybody has seen it at one time or another.

That shop was called Dippin' Dots.

I can recall trying those tiny ice cream pebbles for the first time when I was a young, and they were great. But it's not the tasty flavor of Dippin' Dots that I remember most. No. What I remember most is that overwhelming feeling of being afraid. Terrified. Don't get me wrong - ice cream BBs are the stuff of every child's dream; but the promise of their slogan was more than I could bear at such a young age.

"Dippin' Dots, The Ice Cream Of The Future."

When I read those words at that first visit I was startled. It was as if all the clocks began slowing down, and the world around me stopped. The pain of the meaning of that slogan stung my eyeballs as the words were burned into my retina. "The Ice Cream Of The Future." I cried, "but I love regular-shaped ice cream! In the future, I'll still want to eat the regular-shaped ice cream!"

Nobody heard my cry. Nobody heard my scream for ice cream. Maybe it was because I was the only person left that cared. Or maybe it was because I only screamed those words in my head, due to fear of embarrassment. Either way, I didn't like it. I was afraid that the ice cream I had known all my life, MY ice cream, wouldn't be available when I became a grown-up.

So flash to today, at a mall, fifteen years later. In front of me stood Dippin' Dots, that haunted-house-of-a-dessert shop from my childhood. And above the counter at that same scary store read a sentence:

"Dippin' Dots, The Ice Cream Of The Future."

Ice cream of the future? I don't think so.


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