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"Thank You, Dumpster Angel"
posted December 31, 2007 @2:40p
Usually, while it's happening, time slows down. As the door to my car leaves the grip of my hand and prepares itself to securely latch, something always whispers in my ear, "hey man... you're about to lock your keys in your car..." And even though it seems like seconds pass between my realization and the noise of that metallic clank created by the door slamming shut, there's never enough time to change fate.

It didn't happen that way today. Today, after placing all my recyclables in the appropriate dumpters, I was actually very surprised to learn I'd locked my keys in my still-running car.

Even though I have automatic locks, just in case, I decided to individually check each of the four doors. I guess I was hoping to find that one magical door that resists the electronic urge to lock.

Driver's door? Locked. Rear driver's? Yeah, locked. Rear passenger side? Oh it was locked. Passenger door? You guessed it. All locked.

My chin dropped to my chest. I smiled, shook my head, and turned my back to the car in preparation to lean on it. I figured I might as well rest a few minutes before I started my walking journey to find help.

But as I raised my eyes from the ground to pick a direction, there, standing between me and the dumpster, was an angel. Well... not an actual, real angel. But she may as well have been, because within fifteen seconds, a locksmith was on his way to help.

This angel was someone I've known for years; so as she crawled into her front seat to drive away, she turned and said, "you know - I'll be telling this story to everyone." I didn't care. I was just hoping she hadn't called Moviefone, pretending to be informing a locksmith of my troubles.

As I waited for help, it didn't take long before I learned something interesting: at least at this particular location, most of the people recycling are from the older, wealthier crowd.

I decided that since I was blocking the front of one of the dumpsters, I should lend a hand to all the people discarding their trash. It was the least I could do, since I had been so inconsiderate to lock my keys in my car.

It didn't take long before I learned something interesting: older, wealthier people don't want a person who looks like he may or may not live behind the dumpsters helping them to unload their vehicles.

I didn't even have to wait ten minutes before the locksmith arrived to allow me access to my car. I don't think I've ever had a more enjoyable experience being locked out of my car, or hanging out by a dumpster.


That has happend to me, not the part about the angel, but locking my keys in my car...what a drag indeed!! You are one interesting dude!!!

posted by Mary on 1/3/2008 @9:36:19 AM

Thank you! It was a drag, but... probably the shortest drag I've ever had...

posted by Jason Wells on 1/4/2008 @2:43:12 PM
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