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"An Ode to Halloween"
posted October 30, 2005 @3:37p
FINALLY, I've written a Halloween song that can be taken seriously.

Not really.

But it would seem like it, what with all the blood and rabid hogs and dead cows in the song.

I don't usually speak much in depth about lyrics, but these seem pretty messed up. So I feel a little obligated. I'll briefly summarize: this song is a comparison between somebody who has brazenly, boldy, proudly commited a crime against another person, with somebody who participates in similar dark behavior, but publicly pretends to be someone completely different.

They're one in the same.

It's called 'When They All Find Out," and you can find the song in the MP3s section of the website.

Speaking of blood and commiting crimes, I'm considering a move to Los Angeles... And speaking of Los Angeles, I have a scary spooky Halloween story to share.

The first time I went to LA, I was there on business. On the way to a meeting I was scheduled to attend, I ran into HORRIBLE traffic on the freeway. Completely stopped.

After about an hour and a half of no moving whatsover, the traffic began to slowly open up. In the distance, I could see some police cars and other emergency vehicles, and it was obvious that the cause of the delay was approaching.

As I got closer, I began to be able to make out what was happening: there, on the freeway, was a DEAD BODY.

It was the weirdest, most creepy cause of a traffic jam I'd ever seen.

So when I got to the meeting, one of the guys that was there was like, "so what do you think about LA so far?"

I joked, "well, it seems pretty scary actually. Today I was in a traffic jam caused by a dead body being in the road."

He look surprised. He said, "a dead body in the road?! That's crazy! That NEVER happens...."

"Usually, they COVER THEM WITH A SHEET."

Usually?! THEM?!? The body I saw WAS covered. I just didn't realize bodies blocking traffic was a regular occurence in LA.

Can't wait to move there.


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